Glen Fox aka Gfox aka quick feet is a well known skater from the Jersey Channel Islands. This is a beautiful and historical island situated in between the UK and France.

He really got into making illustrations when he started designing board graphics for brands like Magenta. Not only does he design board graphics, but he also knows how to properly destroy them. 

His inspiration for these illustrations come from his everyday life like, still life and plants. When you look closely at some of his designs you'll notice there are a lot of plants involved in his work. Just like you see in his video parts and his art, he likes to produce things in a freestyle manner.

Next to skateboarding some of Glen's passions are painting, drawing and not to forget making sushi! When you check out the design he made for Tucknee you will obviously see his love for skateboarding. The design on this phone case is based on the legendary Philly spot called LOVE PARK. But you can also find the streets, skateboards and even some people in this illustration.



Xaviera is an illustrator, born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and absolutely loving it! She knew from the young age of 10 that drawing was a big passion for her. After her graduation from a University of Media, Arts and Design, she went into the corporate world, but over time felt this path did not fulfil her. She then made the brave decision to go freelance and become a fulltime illustrator.

Xaviera has a very recognizable style with lots of colors and bold lines. Her inspiration comes from many different sources, some of these are; modern arts, vintage comicshops and the 80’s & 90’s pop culture. As Tucknee is inspired by the surf/skate/snow world, there is a common theme in most designs. However, Xaviera wanted to create something unique and friendlier than the typical skulls and flames. 



Jan-Jaap Poot aka JJ, is a Dutch artist from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His love for art started at a very young age when he observed the large drawings of Tom & Jerry, Sesame Street and other characters on his elementary school windows. Pretty soon he was putting more effort into copying the window drawings than paying attention in class. Soon JJ’s art became more complex by replacing drawings of Tom & Jerry for Spiderman, Spiderman for Escher and so on.

After graduating the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam, JJ started working in the local skate shop and at the same time working as an independent artists/graphic designer. His Tucknee design is “all about the lines”, the inspiration he gets for his designs comes from walking through the city, noticing some kind of light exposure or even just some geometric shapes. Next to painting and creating other types of art, Jan-Jaap loves to skateboard and play guitar.



Alonso Chunga aka ACR, is a graphic designer from Lima, Peru, who currently lives in The Hague, Holland. Some of his biggest inspirations for his work are music, nature and deck graphics. When he’s not designing, he loves to skateboard, listen to music and even plays several instruments himself!

The design Alonso created for this Tucknee case was his own take on the famous painting; ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by the Dutch artist Vermeer. His design is a great mix of combining fine arts with skateboarding graphics. If you look closely you can see that Alonso paid close attention to detail by adding traditional Dutch houses to the illustration.



French artist Lucas Beaufort was born in 1981 in the beautiful French Riviera town called Cannes. His work is very recognisable by the colourful and kind looking monsters he paints. His specialty is using acrylic paint on basically everything where paint sticks, the world is his canvas.

The Frenchman mainly gets his inspiration from his love for skateboarding. But next to that he finds his creativity by traveling the world. Lucas tries not to be at the same place for longer than one month!



Justin Ghijsen was born and raised in the Cheese capital of the world, Gouda! He was that lonely guy in elementary school who absolutely loved punk music and skateboarding. Luckily by the time high school came around, he found more people who shared this passion with him. Later in his music career, he ended up touring around Europe with a band and had an absolute blast playing at festivals!

Justin taught himself how to illustrate because the bands he was in did not have the money to hire fancy illustrators. After a bit of designing for his own band at the time; Tusky, people started to notice his work and began approaching him for illustration jobs. His Tucknee design is based on everything Tucknee stands for; the love for surfing, skateboarding and just in general having a good time with a drink and a great burger! As Justin says himself “Just keep Shredding”!!!